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The C.D.C.’s New Challenge? Grappling With Imperfect Science
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was long revered for its methodical and meticulous scientific approach. Agencies in other nations model...
1/17/2022| Read More | (New York Times)
What the CHIPS Act could mean for domestic production of computer chips
Federal legislation holds the potential to increase domestic manufacturing of computer chips, which are in short supply due to a number of factors, ma...
1/14/2022| Read More | (Columbus Dispatch)
Covid Live Updates: Hospitals Fill Up in 2 Dozen U.S. States as Omicron Spreads
The most acute scarcity in adult intensive care units is in Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Texas. Reports of new cases have started t...
1/14/2022| Read More | (New York Times)
Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Virus Mandate for Large Employers
But the justices allowed a vaccination requirement for health care workers at facilities that receive federal money....
1/14/2022| Read More | (New York Times)
Billion-Dollar Intel Semiconductor Chip Factory Headed For New Albany
Several sources tell the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau that Intel will build a $1 billion chip plant near New Albany, with an official anno...
1/14/2022| Read More | (WOSU (Columbus))
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