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U.S. Hits Record Deaths and Hospitalizations, With Worse Likely to Come
At least 2,760 people were reported dead from Covid-19 in the U.S. on Wednesday, more than on any other day since the pandemic began....
12/3/2020| Read More | (New York Times)
Top Democrats Back Compromise Plan to Revive Stimulus Talks
Democratic leaders endorsed a bipartisan $908 billion plan, offering a significant concession in efforts to jump-start negotiations....
12/3/2020| Read More | (New York Times)
U.S. School Policies Shift to Bring Back Younger Children
A consensus has emerged that in-person teaching with young children is safer, and crucial for their development....
12/1/2020| Read More | (New York Times)
Vaccines Are Coming. But First, a Long, Dark Winter.
With vaccines and a new administration, the pandemic may be tamed. But experts say the coming months “are going to be just horrible.”...
12/1/2020| Read More | (New York Times)
Moderna to Seek Emergency F.D.A. Approval of Its Coronavirus Vaccine
The drugmaker Moderna said it would apply on Monday to the Food and Drug Administration to authorize its coronavirus vaccine for emergency use....
11/30/2020| Read More | (New York Times)
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