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Biden says during press conference he’s going to ‘complete the job’ despite calls to bow out
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden used his highly anticipated news conference Thursday to deliver a forceful defense of his foreign and domestic p...
7/12/2024| Read More | (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Joe Biden says he will not step aside as he faces further calls to bow out: Replay
WASHINGTON — As President Joe Biden faces vast concerns about his age and reelection campaign, he didn't immediately settle questions among his fellow...
7/12/2024| Read More | (Columbus Dispatch)
U.S. inflation cools again, potentially paving way for Fed to cut interest rates soon
WASHINGTON — Inflation in the United States cooled in June for a third straight month, a sign that the worst price spike in four decades is steadily f...
7/12/2024| Read More | (Toledo Blade)
Most of stock market climbs on encouraging inflation report, but Big Tech slumps
NEW YORK — Most U.S. stocks rose Thursday after the latest update on inflation bolstered Wall Street’s belief that relief on interest rates may come a...
7/12/2024| Read More | (Toledo Blade)
Key takeaways from Biden’s news conference: Insistence on staying in the race and flubbed names
WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden faced a test Thursday that he had avoided so far this year — a solo news conference with questions from the White House pr...
7/12/2024| Read More | (Associated Press)
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