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Search warrant at Trump’s home was for nuclear documents, among other items: report
A raid at former President Trump’s Florida residence sought to recover classified documents relating to nuclear weapons among other items, according t...
8/12/2022| Read More | (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Armed man approaches Cincinnati FBI office, exchanges gunfire with cops, flees on I-71
CINCINNATI (AP) — An armed man decked out in body armor tried to breach a security screening area at an FBI field office in Ohio on Thursday, then fle...
8/12/2022| Read More | (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Trump says he won't fight move to unseal Mar-a-Lago search warrant
Former President Donald Trump said he does not oppose a federal court in Florida unsealing a search warrant that authorized FBI agents to search his M...
8/12/2022| Read More | (Columbus Dispatch)
Trump Search Said to Be Part of Effort to Find Highly Classified Material
The former president said he will not object to the Justice Department’s move to release the search warrant used to carry out the search of his Florid...
8/12/2022| Read More | (New York Times)
House Is Set to Pass Climate, Tax and Health Package
The passage of the bill, which appeared dead just weeks ago, would cap a Democratic effort to deliver on major components of President Biden’s agenda....
8/12/2022| Read More | (New York Times)
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