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Trump Threatens Shutdown in Combative Appearance With Democrats
WASHINGTON — President Trump on Tuesday transformed what was to be a private negotiating session with Democratic congressional leaders into a bitter t...
12/12/2018| Read More | (New York Times)
Trump’s Judicial Nominees Take Heat but Largely Keep Marching Through Senate
Some of President Trump’s picks have been deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association, and others have proved racially divisive. Despite the co...
12/12/2018| Read More | (New York Times)
‘This has spiraled downward’: Democrats introduce Trump to divided government
In his first two years in office, President Trump operated without a clear check on his power. With his party controlling both houses of Congress, he ...
12/12/2018| Read More | (Washington Post)
Michael Cohen to be sentenced for crimes committed while working for Trump
A federal judge on Wednesday will sentence President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen for multiple crimes, including lying to Congress about a poss...
12/12/2018| Read More | (Washington Post)
U.S. Prepares to Unveil a Vast Reworking of Clean Water Protections
The Trump administration’s plan would weaken federal protections for millions of acres of wetlands and thousands of miles of streams from pesticide ru...
12/11/2018| Read More | (New York Times)
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